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Temperature Control
Temperature-controlled cargo transportation

Trunk line network: With warehouses as nodes, mature trunk lines such as Beijing-Shanghai Line, Shanghai-Guangdong Line, Huchuan Line, Southwest Line, Northwest Line, and Beijing-Hong Kong Line have been formed.

Cold chain LTL: 4 scheduled cold chain special lines have been opened from Shanghai to Beijing, Shanghai to Chengdu, Shanghai to Guangzhou, and Shanghai to Yunnan.

Service Features:
--Collect goods through various regional storage and distribution centers, and transport real-time docking, which is fast and efficient.
--Equipped with multi-temperature vehicles, it can meet the loading and transportation needs of the same vehicle number in different temperature zones.
- TMS full temperature monitoring, path monitoring, remote scheduling, and intercommunication with WMS, to achieve seamless connection between order management and waybill management.
-Equipped with driver behavior control and portable temperature and humidity control equipment to standardize management.
--Customize the distribution plan according to customer needs.

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