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Air Freight

Our company has signed a number of airlines in Hong Kong and Europe and the United States. The main products are e-commerce goods, e-cigarettes, general goods, medical supplies, dangerous goods, project goods, and board charter services.

Singapore Airlines SQ to London, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, multiple fixed flight positions a week, pick up the same day or pick up the next day to Hong Kong flights.

American Airlines AA to Los Angeles. It can be connected to e-commerce goods, electronic cigarettes, and atomizers.

And long-term cooperation with Hong Kong PO, EK, CX, CV and many airlines to provide you with a full range of air transport services.

PO, CX, SQ The warehouse in New Delhi, India has a stable timeliness, can be shipped in general goods, and has a built-in battery.

Guangzhou and Shenzhen started China Southern Airlines. Air China has stable positions in Europe and America, and can deliver general cargo and anti-epidemic materials.

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