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Battery Products

Our company is a professional agent for the import and export of battery products, international shipping, customs declaration, commodity inspection and other one-stop services. Products for products include dry batteries, storage batteries, photovoltaic batteries, lithium batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries, nickel-cadmium batteries, fuel cells, solar batteries, rechargeable batteries, and mobile phone batteries , Button batteries, battery pack accessories, etc., can be arranged by sea (FCL, LCL, air, international express, China-Hong Kong express, etc.). To provide you with a one-stop battery import and export transportation program, choose the most suitable shipping method for your requirements. It is safe and convenient, and saves costs for you.

The above products require the customer to provide the chemical safety data sheet (MSDS), UN 38.3 test certificate (air transportation of lithium batteries), and transportation identification certificate. If the customer does not have the full authority to entrust our company to handle it, our company can provide customers with China and Hong Kong, labeling , Change the box, change the board service.

Our company has accumulated valuable experience in the operation of sub-dangerous goods, and can tailor-made affordable, fast and safe transportation methods for customers according to their different needs. We provide timely feedback of cargo information to customers in the most effective way, and professional operation procedures ensure that the cargo consigned by customers is worry-free throughout the entire process!

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