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Cross-Border E-Commerce

With the maturity of cross-border e-commerce business, IT has gradually established its own comprehensive international freight network, which can provide domestic and foreign sellers with door-to-door air, sea, and express services to Europe, America, Canada, Turkey, Sri Lanka and other countries. Door service.

According to the cargo owner's specific cargo type, timeliness requirements, whether it contains batteries, and sensitive cargo, we can provide customers with tailor-made services.

The first FBA includes transportation, customs declaration, customs clearance and other processes. There are logistics channels such as international sea plus, air plus, express delivery, and international parcels. IT FBA Amazon FBA first-haul transportation services, including LCL to the global Amazon warehouse, FCL to the global Amazon warehouse, four major express delivery directly to the Amazon warehouse, the US special line to the Amazon warehouse, and the European special line to send to the Amazon warehouse. Amazon warehouse, Japan special line to send to Amazon warehouse, Canada special line to send to Amazon warehouse, China-Europe train and other channels, as well as value-added services such as FBA return and exchange of labels, transit warehouse. Covering all Amazon FBA warehouses in Europe, America and Japan, we have built a number of highly advantageous logistics channels, and have strong overseas customs clearance and delivery service capabilities. Where there is an Amazon warehouse, our company has customs clearance and delivery warehousing services.

Multi-channel FBA first-way transportation program, and more value-added services such as FBA return and exchange of labels, FBA transit, export tax rebate, insurance purchase, VAT registration, and bonded.

Air plus delivery is a special line service of express customs clearance + express delivery specially developed by our company for Amazon FBA sellers. Yite FBA air dispatch line can provide first FBA service to Europe, the United States, Canada, and Japan. Covering FBA warehouses in the United States, Canada, Japan, Britain, Italy, Germany, and France.

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