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Bulk transportation
Business scope of bulk transportation:
1. 50T—1600T crawler crane transition business
2. "Super-long, super-wide, super-high, super-heavy" large-scale mechanical equipment, chemical equipment and pressure vessels, boilers, environmental protection equipment, construction site rotary excavators, generator sets, cranes and other professional transportation
3. All kinds of large-scale equipment can be transported to ports all over the world for you. Reasonable price, safe and fast, full insurance.

Precautions for bulk logistics
1: Carefully analyze the characteristics and technical parameters of the transportation equipment, master the transportation requirements of the equipment, and ensure the safety and reliability of the transportation equipment.
2: To choose the best transportation route to create good transportation operating environmental conditions for bulky transportation.
3: Choose and use advanced vehicles and tools, leave enough safety margin, and enhance the resistance to various risks when large-scale transportation is carried out.
4: Develop a safe and reliable transportation plan and emergency plan.
5: Strengthen the troubleshooting of roads, lines, bridges and culverts, and check and strengthen related records to ensure that the actual transportation is completed smoothly at one time.
6: Be cautious when carrying out actual bulky transportation operations. Strengthen on-the-go inspections and strictly enforce relevant industry and national laws and regulations.
7: Strictly prevent the influence of external factors. Large-size equipment is precise and precious, and it implements personification management, and pays more attention to the transportation and hoisting of large-size equipment.

Commonly used models of large logistics
Semi-trailers, full trailers, vans, container flatbeds, dump trucks, excavators, loaders, forklifts, dump trucks, large machinery and equipment transport vehicles, one to two, one to three, two to three high and low pallets , As well as low-chassis semi-trailers, concave pallets, large tractors with a load of 300 tons (telescopic plates with adjustable height and length, hydraulic axis plates), and a variety of gondola vehicles.

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