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By signing a charter transportation contract, a series of services for the transportation of goods in the space of the entire aircraft according to the agreed conditions and freight rates are especially suitable for large quantities, cargoes with oversize passenger aircraft belly compartments, and special operational requirements. Applicable to all kinds of cargo that comply with national laws and regulations and related policies of the International Air Transport Association and the Civil Aviation Administration of China, including but not limited to large quantities, cargo with oversized passenger aircraft belly compartments, and special operational requirements, such as oversized and overweight sets Production lines, instruments, equipment, general merchandise, military supplies, disaster relief supplies, dangerous goods, valuables, live animals, fresh and perishable goods, etc.

Service Standard
Application time limit
The charterer should submit an application for the bread machine to the carrier as soon as possible, usually 20 days before the flight departure. Depending on the route and time, the time limit for the charter application can be adjusted according to the carrier’s interpretation.
Delivery time limit (before flight departure)
Deliver according to the agreement
Pick-up time limit (after the flight arrives)
Deliver according to the agreement

Featured Guarantee
Abundant model, time and route resources
The professional team provides free transportation solutions and consulting services
A designated person is responsible for guiding and assisting in handling the consignment procedures
Timely and proactively transmit information on all major links of the operation process
Provide supervision of loading and unloading services

What you need to know about charter flights
1) The charterer should submit an application for charter to the carrier with a letter of introduction or a valid personal ID.
2) The application of the charterer should include detailed information of the goods to be transported: product name, number of pieces, weight, size, volume, departure station, destination station, special operation requirements, etc.
3) The cost of charter flights includes ground transportation of aircraft and cargo between the warehouse and the aircraft, loading and unloading and other ground services, but ground transportation at the origin and destination, cargo loading and unloading container, customs inspection and taxation, etc. The cost is handled by the charterer himself and bears the cost, and this cost is not included in the charter cost.
4) The charterer shall abide by and ensure that all cargoes carried are in compliance with all customs, public security, public health, and other laws related to the entry or clearance of goods in the country where the chartered flight is landed, and pay all expenses incurred in accordance with relevant regulations.

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