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Medical Products

Operation process of drug air transportation:

First, get customer delivery information.

II. The operation department shall arrange the pick-up of vehicles, booking of shipping space and flights in the first time.

3. After the goods are mentioned, they shall go through security check at the airport and load the scheduled flight.

4. The operation department of the cargo departure port shall fax the flight number, waybill number, package number, weight, consignee or company address to my agent to arrange the vehicle pick-up and delivery.

V. The goods shall be delivered to the customer within a predetermined time, and signed for receipt after the customer inspects the outer package and the number of pieces is intact.

When the customer receives, the name of the receiver, the ID number, the company seal, sign on my company's receipt.

VI. After the customer signs for the receipt, our company will inform your company in the first time.

Product positioning: pharmaceutical and biological products to be refrigerated

Including: cold chain logistics of vaccines, protein drugs, special drugs that need to be transported at low temperature.

To provide customers with a full range of cold chain logistics services, door to door full cold chain distribution, at the same time we also provide goods tracking, temperature records, information consulting, equipment rental and other services.

Transport vehicles: the general use of refrigerated vehicles and cold chain logistics special insulation box combined use, flexible, convenient, fully reflects the modern energy-saving concept in the transport to strictly achieve the whole temperature monitoring.

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