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Ocean Freight

LCL transportation
LCL started in Shenzhen, LCL delivery from Shenzhen to Hong Kong, can handle general cargo, built-in batteries, liquids, and anti-epidemic materials.

FCL Ocean Shipping
FCL shipping service from Huangpu, Nansha, Shekou, Yantian, Eurokey, Mediterranean, Eastern Europe, Northern Europe, Middle East Red Sea, US line FCL shipping, can operate general cabinets, special cabinets, dangerous goods cabinets.

Sea export
1. To undertake one-stop services including export booking, one customs and three inspections, and transportation from Guangzhou and Shenzhen to major ports and inland points in the world.
2. Provide domestic and foreign customers with the transportation and chartering services of FCL, LCL, bulk cargo and bulk cargo, as well as customs clearance, unpacking and delivery services at foreign destination ports.
3. Signed agreements with a number of shipping companies, providing a variety of preferential prices, and a number of advantageous routes (European Mediterranean route, US-Canada route, Middle East India-Pakistan route, etc.).
4. According to customer requirements, design reasonable routes and provide all-round services such as cargo transportation tracking.

B. Import by sea
1. According to the customer's entrustment, we can undertake FOB-from foreign factories to domestic factories (door to door) the whole process of agency or handle all the business before and after the arrival of the import.
2. Track ship dynamics and learn about all the latest information; select and organize the best means of transportation and transportation plans.
3. Customs transfer/declaration, tax payment, three inspections and insurance after the imported goods arrive at the port.
4. Port receiving, picking up, and organizing shipments; implementing the unloading and transshipment work at the transfer station; container dismantling, packing and transshipment; formulating the loading, bundling, and reinforcement plan for the transportation of large equipment, and monitoring the loading and unloading on site.

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